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1/3 doll made by Gem of Doll, limited to 20 sets.

**The doll and outfit are limited items, you can only order fullset, nude doll or outfit

**Fullset doll limited Qty : 20

**Outfit limited   Qty :20

**Released time: July 23th,2020

**Making time: 3-4 months

**The skin in the pictures is normal white skin

**Eyes are 14mm

Basic Price (nude doll) Includes:

*Basic Doll

*Eyes (Random Color)

*Birth and membership card

Fullset Price Includes:
*Basic set

– Eyes : 14mm
– Height: 58cm
– Head Circumference: 21cm
– Neck Circumference: 8.5cm
– Shoulder Width: 11cm
– Arm Length: 16.8cm
– Arm Circumference: 6.5cm
– Chest: 23cm
– Waist: 17cm
– Hips: 25.5cm
– Thigh Circumference: 14.2cm
– Leg Length: 29.5cm
– Foot Length: 7cm
– Foot Width: 2.5cm

Mrs. Kate’s most cherished set of jewelry was stolen, and the servants of the entire mansion were looking for it. It is the proud work of Master Lu, the most famous jewelry craftsman in the entire continent. But no one who has seen this set of jewelry is not impressed by the transparent gems and noble design. According to legend, the sound of angels playing music came from a corner of the sky on the day it was born.

The wind blew Master Lu’s name to all corners of the mainland, together with this gorgeous set of jewelry, no one knew. The necklace and hairpin contained in the jewelry should also be given the name-Hana & Kaila.

“So_Hana, we should go back!” Kayla tugged at the girl who was eating the snack in front of her nervously: “Madam must be in a hurry.”

“The singing of the misty forest, the cloud tower of the megalithic city, and the east of the mainland. It is said that there are warlocks who can catch people and souls. You don’t want to see it?” Hana wiped her mouth and bought from the vendor selling sugar. A candy flower was handed to Kayla: “That’s not what you said when you came out? And today is the thirteenth Mochizuki, don’t you want to listen to the voice of the elf? Then let’s go back?” Walking towards the city as a gesture.

Not surprisingly, Hana’s clothes corner was pulled, and the stallholder watched the two girls go away together.

Mrs. Kate’s jewelry, I guess it will be stolen for a while…

resin colors

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